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This library contains educational documents for Iowa Provider Agencies.

Assisted Living Facility (ALF) and Residential Care Facility (RCF) Mobile Application Check-In and Check-Out

The CareBridge mobile application is available to Caregivers and can be downloaded from the App Store or the Google Play store. The instructions in this document will assist ALF and RCF Caregivers in the Check-In and Check-Out process within the mobile application.


This is a four-page/2 MB PDF file.

CareBridge Provider Portal Training Manual

This Training Guide is intended to help the user understand how to best utilize the CareBridge Platform as a part of the day-to-day services that are provided. If at any point there are questions, our team is here to help: or 1 (844) 343-3653.


This is a 58-page/5.4 MB PDF file. Last updated: 07/12/2022

Setting Up Your Office in the Provider Portal

The CareBridge Provider Portal is a web-based workflow tool that enables Provider office employees to view authorizations and claims, schedule and manage appointments, bill for completed visits, and view dashboards to ensure operational excellence.


This is a four-page/900 KB PDF file.

Scheduling Appointments in the Provider Portal

The purpose of this document is to offer step-by-step instructions for scheduling an appointment within the Provider Portal.


This is a two-page/400 KB PDF file.

Manual Entries in the Provider Portal

The purpose of this document is to provide step-by-step instructions on how to enter Manual Entries for visits that require your intervention within the Provider Portal.


This is a two-page/900 KB PDF file.

EVV Pre-Billing Check Reference

The CareBridge Provider Portal is a web-based tool that enables providers to manage home and community-based service provision in a 21st Century Cures Act-compliant manner. In addition, CareBridge has built-in features to help create billing efficiencies for providers, reducing the number of rejected or denied claims. We do this through Pre-Billing edits that check your visits to verify they are ready to be submitted in a claim.


This is a three-page/200 KB PDF file.

Module 2 Provider's Instructors' Guide

This Instructor’s Guide is used to equip trainers with materials and information to train caregivers on the setup and use of the mobile app and IVR process. This guide gives the trainer an overview of the materials available, and the most effective manner and order in which to use the materials while training caregivers.


This is a four-page/4 MB PDF file.

Module 2 Caregiver Training Companion Presentation

This presentation covers the CareBridge Mobile Application and Interactive Voice Response options for verifying visits electronically.


This is a 21-page/2 MB PDF file.

Roadmap to EVV Success

This checklist is a suggested timeline of activities for deploying EVV at your agency.


This is a one-page/600 KB PDF file.

No Authorization Workflow

The purpose of this document is to help guide Providers in scheduling appointments for Members without an existing authorization.


This is a two-page/2 MB PDF file.

Authorization Issuance Types

Procedure codes are categorized as always, sometimes, or never requiring a prior authorization for a service to be performed. This document outlines the criteria for prior authorizations and which codes may require them.


This is a thirteen-page document/367 KB PDF file.

Waiver Type Selection

Select Home Health service codes require a waiver type association to complete a visit if the member is part of a waiver program. Provider administrators are required to manage waiver types using the CareBridge portal.


This is a two-page/807KB PDF file.

Billing Cycles and Corrected Claims

This document outlines the requirements for billing cycles and processes for corrected claims.


This is a three-page/233KB PDF file.

Diagnosis Code Selection

Home Health services must include a diagnosis code selection prior to billing. If a diagnosis code is not selected, an alert will trigger preventing the visit from being exported.


This is a one-page/261KB PDF file.

Void Claim Process

Provider organizations should use the CareBridge Provider Portal to void any visits and/or claims that have been previously billed through CareBridge.


This is a two-page/476KB PDF file.

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