Provider Agency Document Library

This library contains educational documents for Arkansas Provider Agencies.

Provider Portal Training Manual

This Training Guide is intended to help the user understand how to best utilize the CareBridge Platform as a part of the day-to-day services that are provided.


This is a 55-page/6 MB PDF file.

Setting Up Your Office in the Provider Portal

The CareBridge Provider Portal is a web-based workflow tool that enables Provider office employees to view authorizations and claims, schedule and manage appointments, bill for completed visits, and view dashboards to ensure operational excellence. This guide will help you set up your office employees and caregivers, along with additional setup functions.


This is a four-page/900 KB PDF file.

Electronic Visit Verification Billing in the Provider Portal

Once visits have been completed, they should be ready to be exported to claims, allowing you to bill for services rendered. If a visit has an issue that might prevent it from being accepted for claims, CareBridge won’t let you export it and will flag it. This billing guide will help you navigate any potential billing issues.


This is a four-page/200 KB PDF file.

Manual Entries in the Provider Portal

The purpose of this document is to provide step-by-step instructions on how to enter Manual Entries for visits that require your intervention.


This is a 2-page/900 KB PDF file.

Scheduling Appointments in the Provider Portal

The purpose of this document is to offer step-by-step instructions for scheduling an appointment in the Provider Portal. This process is optional in Arkansas.


This is a two-page/400 KB PDF file.

Diagnosis Codes in the Provider Portal (Summit)

The purpose of this document is to offer step-by-step instructions for finding and adding Member diagnosis codes in the Provider Portal.


This is a three-page/480 KB PDF file.

CareBridge EVV Roadmap to Success

This checklist is a suggested timeline of activities for deploying EVV at your agency to help ensure a successful implementation.


This is a one-page/600 KB PDF file.

Role Definitions

This document is a list of roles that have been referred to within the CareBridge Platform Training Guide and other training documents. As this list evolves, the agency will be provided with updated lists.


This is a one-page/100 KB PDF file.

Module 2 Companion Provider's Instructor's Guide

This Instructor’s Guide is used to equip trainers with materials and information to train caregivers on the setup and use of the mobile app and IVR process. This guide gives the trainer an overview of the materials available, and the most effective manner and order in which to use the materials while training caregivers.


This is a four-page/4 MB PDF file.

Arkansas Existing Providers - CareSource/PASSE Update

This document is used to familiarize existing providers with changes that they may notice within the CareBridge EVV Solution and show them how to utilize these changes to successfully manage their daily operations.


This is a one-page/304 KB PDF file.

EVV Quick Guide To Editing Authorizations Within The State Registration Date

The purpose of this document is to offer step-by-step instructions for editing authorizations within the state registration field in the Provider Portal.


This is a two-page/340 KB PDF file.

CareBridge Quick Links and Contact Info

The purpose of this document is to supply CareBridge EVV and Third-party EVV users with current quick links to resources and contacts.


This is a one-page/614 KB PDF file.

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