Integrating Agency - CareBridge Portal Access Request

CareBridge receives member and authorization information from our health plan and state partners. In order to generate claims or send data to state aggregators, the data that CareBridge receives from your Third-party EVV vendor must match the data provided to CareBridge by the health plan or state.

To help integrated providers confirm that the data in their EVV system matches what CareBridge has received from health plan/state partners, access to the CareBridge provider portal has been made available.

  • Providers should review the data in their CareBridge provider portal to verify the information.
  • Providers who conduct this type of reconciliation on a periodic basis see a reduction in the amount of pre-billing validation errors for each visit as well as a decrease in time to generate claims. 

If you wish to obtain access to your Agencies CareBridge portal for information use only -


Use the Provider Portal Access for Agencies Using Third-Party EVV Solutions instructional guide for specific system and process information. 

If you notice any issues with the data CareBridge has received for your agency, reach out to your health plan/state program point of contact to address.

Data issues can include: 

 Member Issues   Authorization Issues
  • A member is not listed
  • An authorization is missing
  • A member has the incorrect eligibility dates
  • The authorization start/end date is incorrect
  • Member demographic information is incorrect
  • The service code, modifier or units are incorrect


Note: Agencies using a Third-party EVV system, are NOT able to view or update their billing or visit data in the CareBridge Provider Portal. Changes to the data must be made within their chosen EVV solution and that data must be re-submitted to CareBridge via the integration process.



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